Welcome to our blog! Have you ever heard the saying, “Your brain, use it or lose it?” Are you familiar with the terms Neuroplasticity or Brain Plasticity? Do you think it is possible to actually improve you brain health and fitness?  Do you even have any idea what all of this means? Introducing BrainMasters-We are a health and fitness club for your brain-yes, your brain! We offer interactive, fun, entertaining, social, and of course challenging activities designed to improve your brain function. We utilize our Brain Boosters, developed by our own Speech-Language Pathologists, who are industry experts trained in the areas of cognitive skills development and brain functioning.  Our program is research based. We invite you to subscribe to our blog where you will find our Brain Boosters, brain and health/wellness articles, quizzes, surveys, and more-all designed to improve your brain health. So, welcome!

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