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Brain Boosters-Word Beads


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Here is another excellent brain exercise that will definitely challenge you while stimulating your brain!   Word Beads address problem solving, thought flexibility, thought organization, executive function, judgment,and reasoning skills.

Given the following string of letters generate as many 5, 6, 7  letter words as you can.

Let’s start with SHA.  Here is an example.

5 letter word-SHARK

6 letter word-SHAPES

7 letter word-SHATTER

Now it’s your turn. Send us you lists so we can see how well you did! The objective is to think of as many words as possible. To make this Brain Booster more challenging, only allow 10 minutes to create your list of 5, 6, 7 letter words.  Have fun!

BrainMasters Class

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FYI-Don’t forget to sign up for the next BrainMasters class at US Gaming Arena in Roswell, GA. Our next class is scheduled for Monday December 1, 2010, 6:30-7:30 pm.  Registration forms are on our website.


Remember, we will customize classes to accommodate your schedule, just contact us. It’s really that simple! See you soon!

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