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Brain Boosters – Word Wizards

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Well, I’m taking a quick Thanksgiving cooking break, so I thought why not post a new Brain Booster? We call these Word Wizards. We provide you with a beginning word, and the object is to change 1 letter at a time until you arrive at the end word that we will also provide. Word Wizards focus on problem solving, thought flexibility, reasoning skills, logic, and executive function. Our Word Wizards are great mental stimulation activities for all ages-seniors, middle aged folks, baby boomers, even kids! So, no slacking, get cracking on building that cognitive reserve by exercising your mind! We can all benefit from from some improved mental fitness to promote healthy aging and longevity. Why not try everything in your power to decrease your chances for developing Alzheimer’s Disease or dementia? Take advantage of this opportunity to effectively utilize your brain plasticity!

Here we go with Word Wizards.

Begin with the word – POLE

Change 1 letter at a time until you form the word – MINT


Here is another one.

Begin with the word – BANK

End with the word – DIRT


This one is a little more challenging!

Begin with the word – PARTY

End with the word – BONES

Enjoy and share your word lists with us. There are several ways to solve these. For increased difficulty, try to solve the Word Wizards in as few turns as possible.

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