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Brain Boosters-Holiday Themed Anagrams

Rubik's Cube in scrambled state

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We are in full blown holiday mode, and I don’t know how your weather is but it’s cold outside here! So, let’s try more anagrams with a holiday twist. Remember, anagrams are a great brain exercise and they target problem solving skills, reasoning skills, thought organization, thought flexibility, judgment, and executive function skills. Enjoy!

Here are your anagrams. How many new words can be formed? Share your lists with us and let’s see who can generate the most words!






Alzheimer’s Disease

Histopathogic image of senile plaques seen in ...

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I want to share something  very interesting  with all of you. Earlier today Wendy and I attended a marketing meeting which unbeknown to us also featured a guest speaker. This speaker turned out to be so dynamic and impressive that I felt obligated to share her information. The speaker was P.K. Beville, founder of the Virtual Dementia Tour and Second Wind.  To be perfectly honest, neither of us had ever heard of her or of the Virtual Dementia Tour.  Imagine  with all our  years of  experience as Speech-Language Pathologists working with adults, primarily seniors and geriatrics in long term care, sub acute  facilities, and hospitals, having never heard of P.K. Beville’s Virtual Dementia Tour. I am confident we are not alone, and that is why I am compelled to share this information!

Her training program simulates what an individual experiences everyday when battling Alzheimer’s Disease or dementia. It is truly fascinating!  I strongly encourage all of you to visit her site and watch some of her videos. I know you will have a completely different outlook and be even more thankful for good brain health!


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