Brain Boosters-Holiday Scrambled Words

Scrabble, Word Games

Image by libbydorazione via Flickr

Let’s try some scrambled words. These Brain Boosters are great for problem solving, thought organization skills, thought flexibility, reasoning skills, and executive function skills. Brain exercises help prevent memory loss, promote healthy aging, improve brain function and thinking skills, build a cognitive reserve, and should be a part of everyone’s life!  Why not do everything in your power to decrease your risk for developing Alzheimer’s Disease or dementia, especially when it’s fun?  Scrambled words are fun for all ages. Remember doing these in school and how much fun you had? As an adult in your 30’s, 40’s, baby boomers, or seniors, you will soon recall how much brain power scrambled words require!

Grab a brain boosting, heart healthy snack-blueberries, dark chocolate, strawberries,walnuts, almonds, apples, veggie sticks, green tea, hot cocoa, or your favorite fresh  fruits or nuts and let’s exercise your brain! After your brain gets a workout, take a walk as that’s also great and beneficial for our brains!  Use it or lose it-it’s your choice!

Unscramble these words.











Have fun, enjoy, and reap the benefits!

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