Did You Know That Yes You Can Improve Your Memory Using Breathing Techniques?

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Yes, you read that correctly! It is possible to improve your memory skills through use of certain breathing techniques. Most notably your spatial memory skills. After all, who doesn’t want improved memory skills? You may wonder what are spatial memory skills? Well, spatial memory skills enable us to keep track of things in our environment. Spatial memory skills help us remember where we put things we can and can’t see. Ever have trouble recalling where you left your car keys? Try these breathing exercises!

*First, sit upright with your head, neck, and spine in a straight line.

*The breathing sequence is: first-inhale through your left nostril while your right nostril is closed with your right thumb, second- hold your breath (both nostrils should be closed), third- exhale through the right nostril while the left nostril remains closed with the right ring and pinky fingers. Use a ratio of 2:8:4 counts/seconds.

*Now repeat the sequence breathing in through your right nostril first.

*After each nostril has completed an inhale and an exhale, you have completed one round. Begin with three rounds per day, and slowly build up to twenty rounds.

*Try to extend your count from 2:8:4 to 4:16:8!

Try this exercise for at least one week to enjoy and experience the benefits of this breathing technique. Let us know how you do and what benefits you reap!

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