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Brain Boosters-Scrambled Words

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Now that I’ve exercised today-took my canine child for a nice long walk. She needs exercise too! Now it’s time for some brain exercising to form those new neural pathways and add to my cognitive reserve. Of course, I have my green tea as I consume at least 6 cups per day. Did you realize that green tea is not only delicious but is good for your overall health? Green tea has been shown to help decrease your risk of developing certain cancers. Green tea is also good for your heart, and remember if something is good for your heart than it’s also good for your brain! So I say-drink up!

Scrambled words are another fun way to help build that cognitive reserve while decreasing your risk for dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease.  Scrambled words are excellent for people of all ages!  If you’ve never tried unscrambling words, then there is no time like the present. Remember I always say that we are never too old for new learning and never too young to begin building our cognitive reserve! Word games are superb tools to improve cognitive skills! These Brain Boosters are great for problem solving, thought organization skills, thought flexibility, reasoning skills, processing skills, and executive function skills. Brain exercises help prevent memory loss, promote healthy aging, improve brain function and thinking skills, build a cognitive reserve, and should be a part of everyone’s life every day! Use it or lose it! Try these by yourself, with your family or friends. Why not make it competition and find out who can solve them the fastest?

Unscramble the following words. Have fun! Let us know how you did!











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