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Brain Plasticity

Here is a link to our article on brain/neuroplasticity in the East Cobber. Enjoy!

Feed Your Mind!

Brain Boosters-April Anagrams

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Well, it’s that time again! Time to exercise your brain, form new brain pathways, build your cognitive reserve, challenge yourself,  engage in new learning!  Become a lifelong learner, and take advantage of your brain or neuroplasticity skills through new learning.  We are never too old for new learning or too young to begin building our cognitive reserves!  Let’s try some anagrams today with an April theme. Create as many new words as you can from the following words.

Go grab a healthy snack-fruit, nuts, veggie sticks, dark chocolate, paired with a healthy beverage-green tea, water, red wine. I just had some walnuts and iced green tea. Ready? Here are your words.











Remember to exercise your body as well! Physical exercise helps pump blood throughout your body-including your brain. Studies have shown that by walking just 35 minutes a day at least 3 days/week it’s possible to increase the size of your hippocampus, which relates to your memory skills! So, get up, leash that dog and take a walk!

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Brain Boosters-Word Wizards

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It’s that time again-time to exercise your brain. Today let’s try some Word Wizards. These are so fun and designed to address problem solving, thought flexibility, reasoning,  and executive function skills. Word Wizards are great brain exercises for all ages from kids to seniors. Remember, we are never too old for new learning and never too young to begin building our cognitive reserves, thanks to brain/neuroplasticity! The key to forming new pathways is to try and engage in new learning and mix things up. Do things differently so you actually force yourself to think and not go into auto mode.  So, get your healthy brain food and drink-nuts, berries, eggs filled with colorful vegetables, green tea, and water and let’s begin our workout.

Directions for completing Word Wizards:

Change only 1 letter at a time until you have changed the first word to the last word. We have solutions but there can certainly be multiple solutions. Please share your answers and let’s see who can use the fewest words to solve these!


– – – –

– – – –

– – – –






– – – –

– – – –

– – – –

– – – –


Brain Boosters-Spring Brain Cleaning and Anagrams

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Spring Break is winding down and we are all starting to prepare for the upcoming week. I had a relaxing vacation at the beach, and I’m ready to be beach bound again! But for now, it’s back to life and reality.

Time to get back into the business of the brain and forming new pathways while building a cognitive reserve  through neuroplasticity or brain plasticity. Let’s build a buff brain! Challenge yourself with something new or just do something differently or change the order of things in your daily, morning or evening rituals. Yes, it can actually be that simple-anything that causes or forces us to think differently is beneficial! It doesn’t matter if you’re a senior, a baby boomer, a gen X or Y, approaching 50, 40, or even 30. We all need to embrace the concept of lifelong learning.  It’s as simple as ABC-Always Brain Challenging-that’s what we believe at BrainMasters!

Equally important to exercising the brain is the caring for the brain. This includes physical exercise and eating brain foods. By engaging in physical exercise and consuming healthy foods we become active participants in the anti-aging, longevity, and anti-Alzheimer’s Disease campaign.  I know everyone is busy-we all are. Surely, we all can allocate 30 minutes each day to exercise whether it’s a walk, yoga, biking, or playing Wii Fit-just get moving! If you have a dog, then walk it; after all pets need exercise too!

Let’s not forget about that healthy diet! Fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts and whole grains, lean meats and fish loaded with omega 3’s! Limit or eliminate those white things such as white sugar and white flour. Newly released findings by Dr. Suzanne DeLaMonte
Neuropathologist, Rhode Island Hospital strongly suggest that Alzheimer’s Disease is diabetes of the brain! She suggests to reduce the risk for developing this disease it’s essential to decrease your exposure to certain toxins. These toxins include: sodium nitrite, processed foods, white sugars. Try and eat organically grown foods!  She stressed the importance of  healthy eating,  physical exercise, and  brain  stimulation/exercise to help ward off Alzheimer’s Disease or diabetes of the brain! Add some fresh berries, cinnamon and walnuts to greek yogurt-now that’s a delicious snack or meal!  Drink plenty of water and try some green tea. Both have proven health benefits!

Now that you are armed with this powerful new knowledge, it’s time to exercise that brain and form new pathways! Here are some spring themed anagrams. Form as many new words as possible, and let us know how you do!














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