Brain Boosters-December Holiday Anagrams

Hot chocolate, Café Zéphyr, Paris

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The holidays are here, it is cold outside, and I want you to give your brain a break from your unproductive multitasking.  So, take a deep relaxing breath and  let’s exercise your brain! I’m on my third cup of green tea and just had a handful of walnuts with apple slices. YUM! Grab a cup of green tea, coffee,  or hot cocoa with some spiced or plain walnuts, almondsdark chocolate, dark chocolate covered almonds-yummy,  or blueberries and let’s workout. Let’s try  anagrams with a holiday theme. Remember, anagrams are a great brain exercise and they target problem solving skills, reasoning skills, thought organization, thought flexibility, judgment, and executive function skills. Anagrams are fun for everyone-teens, baby boomers, seniors. Anagrams are a fun brain building activity to boost those brain cells, help form new neural pathways, and build your cognitive reserve. Try these anagrams as a family activity or part of a family game night, compete against friends or office buddies and see who can find the most.  Enjoy, laugh, have fun-it’s good for all of us! A healthy heart and body help us maintain a healthy mind.

Here are your anagrams. How many new words can be formed? Share your lists with us and let’s see who can generate the most words!













Now that you have given yourself a well deserved break and exercised your brain, focus on the things important to you during this Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanza season. Happy Holidays!

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